A Journey Through Italy (Tier 1-3) 6 btls: Reduced

Journey Through Italy (Tier 1, 2 & 3)


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Price: ¥950

Italy-national-flagWe created this case to highlight just tree view vines and distancewhat is so great about Italian wines: Variety. Italian wines are a food and wine lovers paradise.

An amazingly valued sneak peek at some of Italy’s classic Tier 1, 2 & 3 wines: with plaudits and high scores from the likes of Robert Parker (if that’s your bag).

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1x Enrico Serafino Barbera D'Asti DOCG Piedmont

For us, this is the most interesting sub-¥130 wine in Shanghai. Big Statement? Well, it is more refined and interesting than anything costing ¥40 to ¥60 more, from both the old and new world. Astonishing quality at an astonishing price from a serious, lauded producer.

We have been drinking this wine every few weeks now for over 2 years (That’s at least 25 bottles which is saying something thinking about the busy schedule to keep up for the educational side of this job.) In fact, this week we sank 2 bottles over 3 days when wee had so many others to choose from. It is staggeringly ‘that good’.

Barbera D’Asti is a wine that displays an intense violet colour and typical perfumes of cherries. Intense and rich nose. The typical wonderful acidity brought by Barbera grapes creates an explosion of cherry and flowers perfumes.

It never fails to impress. Great when first opened, it is absolutely stunning after 1 hours open. Sometimes, 1 test glass leads to finishing the bottle, but once open, the in-glass and in-bottle development are beautiful to behold and the drinker is repaid by making the bottle last a few days.

Food Matching: Put it with tomato based sauces and you are in for an ‘experience’. I love it mostly with strong flavoured herby and earthy casseroles, pizza and pasta. Loves to be matched with food. But I often drink it after the meal or without food (on its second day of opening). Serving temperature 16-17 °C.

It hails from from the same producer as our impressive Barbaresco and Barolo.

In the early days, we experimented with mixing this wine with Serafino Barbaresco after a Swiss guy asked me to find him a Barbera/Nebbiolo blend. We failed to locate one, so we made our own. Heaven.

April 2014: New 2011 Vintage tested. report soon. early bird word? Yum Yum. Fresh and vibrant and so silky smooth.

February 2015: OMG. Now showing perfect harmony and balance, the 2011 is a tad reduced on the almond bitterness but blossomed beautifully on the silky smooth front. We secured 10 cases recently which should last until the late spring.

1x Enrico Serafino Barbaresco DOCG Piedmont

We have a treat here; a SERIOUS wine, SERIOUSLY well-priced.

Barbaresco is one of the world’s most important wines. This Special Italian red is a rich and seriously structured wine from the Piedmont region of Italy. The nose has intense violets and spices. The complex and velvet smooth flavours will reward the patient drinker further (and for many years). We are talking here strong food matches with game, grilled meats or cheeses.

Our Serafino Barbaresco is a mouthwatering treat. And no-one else has it.

Robert Parker gives the 2007 vintage an, ‘extraordinary’ 96/100 and ‘early maturing’ too; so a perfect storm of buy signals. Barbaresco has achieved ‘extraordinary’ only 7 times since 1970, and once in the last decade and this is that vintage. Prices for now are holding stable.

Reviews for the 2007:

September 2011: After 5 hours breathing (no decanting) this was a superbly complex and well balanced treat.

October 2011: by sms from client: “This 2007 Barbaresco rocks! It is the magical one. Subjective or objective this bottle is the best.’

1x Sella&Mosca Tanca Farra DOC Sardinia

This is a wine to savour. Awarded a score of 91/100 by Robert Parker, it is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sardinia’s Cannonau grapes (Grenache). It is on sale right now at CJW in Xintiandi for more than ¥685 per bottle. We sell it to you at the price retailers pay for it. The nose has full mature fruits to the fore with herbaceous and tarry notes.

It is a full bodied, dry wine, with harmonious balance and an elegant structure of soft tannins. Pour into a really big glass and savour the nose before sipping. Every mouthful says, don’t swallow me yet; there”s more!It becomes increasingly complex once open – for up to 6 days.

Food matching: Match this with all red meats, game and mature cheeses. This Italian red was our 2nd most popular seller over Christmas 2010. Folks who try, it buy it by the case. Another wine we are selling well below our suppliers recommended price. Their top selling wine in China. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

1x Sella&Mosca La Cala DOC Sardinia Bronze Medal winner 2014

La Cala is a lovely white made from Vermentino grapes on the warm island of Sardinia. Italy has a plethora of indigenous (and little known) white grape varieties that are very suited to warmer climates. The resultant wines are similar to Sauvignon Blanc and make a good alternative.

It has an intriguing green hue and an intense and fresh complex nose that belies the light structure on the palate of marine saltiness and fruit bursts. A long soft finish commands attention. If ever a wine was meant to be married to seafood La Cala is it: always ably bringing out the best in a partner dish. Serve fairly COLD at 10°C!

This wine was awarded a score of 86/100 by Robert Parker in The Wine Advocate who described it as ‘The World’s Best Wine Under $25′. He noted:

“A classic Vermentino with its soaring, perfumed aromatics and crisp, clean fruit.” Robert Parker.

Quite a statement. (and it was also reported in the Best Italian Values in 2007).

February 2013: Out of season I have been drinking quite a few whites recently. I haven’t tucked into La Cala for a while and I was struck by quite how very dry it is, and for a 2009 vintage, it still has excellent acid. It paired beautifully with Pan Fried Bream yesterday. Then, I remembered that it was the most popular white at our Winter 2010 tasting event. Who said cold weather a whites don’t mix?

September 2013: Now we have our hands on the 2012 Vintage. WOW.

1x Zonin Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie I.G.T.

Coming soon…

1x Zonin Collection Montepulciano D'Abruzzo DOC Abruzzo

Bright, warm ruby-red colour. Broad bouquet, with well-defined scents of bitter almonds against a faint background of wild berries. Smooth flavour, full-bodied with notable personality and outstanding persistence.

Food Matching: Ideal to enjoy with red meat dishes, or with spicy meat dishes.

March 2012: Fantastically impressed with this last W/E at a dinner party. The Montepulciano gave a very good account of itself as the third wine. It stood up very well in fact to the Barbera D’Asti and was more popular than that wine, I think, and as a precursor to the Barbaresco it was fabulous. And the Beef Bourguignon was enhanced by it. Trouble was, we had opened 3 Barbarescos, so they took the limelight.

April 2014: Always a pleasure to return here which seems to be about every 4 months. Any season is fine as the lower tannins ease the drinker into just about any circumstance. The wine made for a very smart pairing with home made Tagliatelle with meat and tomato sauce last week, and this week with Lamb Shanks. Bright acidity, warm Mediterranean tones and plummy/cherry flavours. Just saying the name is evocative. Easy going to a fault and well worth the lower than expected price tag. Second test (April 6th) the bottle was a 2010 and the whole bottle went in an evening. 17 pts.

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