Classy White Wines (Tier 1 & 2) 12 btls: 3 Awarded Wines

Classy White Pack (1st & 2nd Tier Wines)

Pack Quantity:

Price: ¥1,650

Here is a 12 pack of tier 1 & 2 whites in various styles, each demonstrating Rieslingthat it is not about how much you need to pay to find quality and interest.

The 12 wines hail from both the New and Old Worlds. Most are popular single grape varietals. 1 is a classic blend of 2 grapes.

This reads as the who’s who of Our Summer Whites drinking programme, minus a few irresistible Gewurztraminers (which TWM loves) and all the inevitable ‘bubbles’ (which Mrs. Wine Man loves) Just have to love being so focussed on wines like this from May to October.

Sadly, marketplace variety is shrinking due to the mentality of many buyers chasing to sell the same wines to the same customers; thus many vendors are nervously selling a similarly narrowing variety. Many of the more eclectic (some would say more interesting wines) are threatened in the China marketplace as lowest common denominator commercialism kicks in.

It looked like we’d have to suspend this pack due to many of the wines becoming bin ends or being deemed ‘unimportable’; and deleted completely. However….

NB: We have now worked out how to custom build these mixed cases for your needs. As some wines become Bin Ends or out of stock we can select from around 200 back-up wines; some a little more or a little less obscure depending on your preferences: just ask and we’ll mix up the contents. Prices might fluctuate a little as we discuss all options, but we ensure that you, the customer, gets just what they want at the best price possible.

A beautiful journey through a classy and stylish white grape odyssey for the adventurous and those who don’t want regimentation…

Please click on the wines listed below to extend/retract descriptions.

1x Domäne Wachau Federspiel Trocken Terrassen Riesling Austria (Tier 2, New World) Commended 2014

Domaine Wachau Riesling has delicate aromas of apple, papaya and overripe mango are riper than the palate, which shows crisp green apple and Asian pear – a minerally, intense and zingy wine.

Rieslings from Wachau can be labelled with three terms to indicate the wine’s body; most are Smaragd, a term named for Wachau’s bright green lizard. Smaragd Rieslings – which must be more than 12.5 percent with less than.09 percent residual sugar – are the richest, most concentrated and full-bodied, and longest lived of the three categories.

Domäne Wachau is the largest cooperative in the Wachau valley, and is made up of 600 contributing members farming slightly less than 500 hectares, or a full one third of the total region’s vineyards. Each individual member is challenged to produce the best wines possible, and paid for the quality of their production first, the quantity second. The showplace of the winery is the baroque cellar palace depicted on the label.

March 2013: What US site, says:

Pretty, airy notes of pithy citrus fruit, dried flowers and a light gravel tone fill the glass. In the mouth, this continues the airy theme with an almost weightless feel and light flavours of grapefruit, heirloom apple and a touch of under-ripe melon. There’s lovely acidity here. While this is slightly small-scaled, it’s very well balanced with a nice wash of minerality and a hint of white pepper over the moderately long finish. This really exhibits a lovely interplay between fruit and minerality.

At 88pts (out of 100), it came third in their tasting test of 10 Rieslings in this price bracket (equivalent to ¥140 t0 250), of which it was the 4th cheapest!

1x Torres Vina Sol (Parellada) Spain, Catalunya (Tier 2, Old World)

Bronze Award winner at Decanter magazine’s 2013 wine awards.

This wine is made with a traditional variety (Parellada) drawn from Catalan viticulture. It is a grape well adapted to the local soils and climate: a lovely grape, somewhere between the stone-fruit of Chardonnay and the tropical crispness of Sauvignon Blanc.

Lovely bright yellow with light green reflections.Torres Vina Sol label

Fresh aroma with elegant notes of fruit.

Fine acid structure giving a smooth, well-balanced palate. Notable, pleasing fruit backdrop (green apple, pineapple) enhanced by hints of spice (fennel).

Ideal as aperitif, or with rice dishes, fish and seafood. Serve slightly chilled (around 10ºC).


Vintage 2010, 86/100 , Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate

Decanter 2013: Bronze

1x Emile Durand Chablis AOC France, Bourgogne (Tier 2, Old World)

Chablis is one of the most famous white wines in the world.

It is made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes grown way far north where the resultant wines are full of mineral complexity and steely freshness.

Emile Durand makes a Premier Cru Chablis as well as this great value entry level Chablis.

From a restaurant menu near where I used to live in Bristol, UK, where it sells for £18.95 a bottle:

A wonderfully full wine with tropical fruit flavours. Clean, fresh with perfectly balanced acidity and with great length.

1x Lindemans Bin 65 Chardonnay Australia (Tier 2, New World)

Bright and luminous to the eye, with orchard fruit and spice on the nose. Apples and vanilla on the palate, with citrus suggestions and minerals emerging in the finish. This is textbook Chardonnay that displays a surprisingly broad range of flavors, and is a diamond in the rough at this price point.

Reviewed by: Binny’s

1x Kleine Zalze Vineyard Selection Chenin Blanc South Africa, Stellenbosch (Tier 2, New World) Bronze '13 & Commended '14 BIN END

Straw coloured. Concentrated nose with tropical fruit and honey aromas. Elements of botrytis. Gorgeous big, rich, creamy palate. Layers of flavour – apricots. Noticeable residual sugar, but balanced by good acidity. Complex wine with great length.

There are wines for telling others about because you can’t wait to have someone else experience what you just did. This is that wine for me this year. To the average wine drinker this offering comes from a little known producer in a little known region doing something unheard-of in a barrel with a little known grape. It knocked my socks off. It’s massive. So great, I literally did not want the wine to be finished. One of my all time favourite white wines. SILVER Medal At Decanter 2013.

1x Santa Digna Sauvignon Blanc Reserve Chile, Curico Valley (Tier 2, New World)

It seems everything that flies under the Santa Digna banner is a notch above the mainstream in quality terms. The prices hover around double those for the entry level wines from Chile, but the increase in quality are several paces beyond that.

Better grapes from better sites in a country known for lower production costs means that these wines are available at quality levels associated with European wines carrying much heftier price tags.

Light bright yellow colour. It shows intriguing notes of exotic fruit (passion fruit, grapefruit). A fresh, floral wine with fruity body and a silky palate of great elegance.

Food Matching: An excellent complement to seafood, fish and rice dishes.

Reviews and Scores: Vintage 2008, 86/100 , Wine Spectator

1x Mannenberg Chenin Blanc South Africa, Pederberg (Tier 1, New World)

A medium-bodied white wine. It has bold aromas of guava and other tropical fruits. The palate is rich with grapefruit and citrus fruits flavours. A touch of sweetness is balanced by a refreshing acidity. Serve well-chilled.

This is my go to white wine when I eat out at certain restaurants in SH, (and it’s on the menu). Always flavoursome, always keenly priced.

1x Enrico Serafino Gavi DOCG Italy, Piedmont (Tier 2, Old World)

Gavi is among the elite wines of Piedmont and one of the best white wines in the world.You really do have to seek it out though as not so much makes it to China. And when it does, it’s usually a lot more expensive than it is here. Mr. Serafino does it again. A beguiling tipple. 100% Cortese grapes make this delicately scented, full bodied and fresh DOCG wine.

There is a distinctive, subtle floral fragrance. The tannins are appealing and there”s plenty of acidity. A perfect partner to fish, risotto and white meats, this wine repays serving cold between 8-10°C.

1x Torres Vina Esmerelda Spain, Catalunya (Tier 2, Old World)

Straw colour, with a brilliant iridescent sheen. The very rich aroma, has floral (rose and jasmine) and fruity (passion fruit and banana) highlights over a fine base of spices (lavender and vanilla). There’s a fresh palate with smooth acidity. The floral and fruity notes are complemented by nuances of thyme, bay leaf and green apple. Food Matching: Best wine matching with Asian cuisine, either with shellfish or spicy dishes.

Reviews and Scores: Vintage 2007, 84/100 , Wine Spectator

1x Fernway Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand, Marlborough (Tier 2, New World)

One of my very favourite white wines and certainly my favourite Sauvignon Blanc this year. And our customers agree. They try one initially and then they buy a case. And then another case. This is our second top selling white wine now (March 2012).

This is a majestic expression of the Sauvignon Blanc grape for which New Zealand has now achieved legendary status. Marlborough is the epicentre of that revolution.

The wine is pale straw in hue, with an impressive aromatic attack full of ripe asparagus and cucumber and melon. For me there was no cat’s pee, which aficionados are very much looking for (or gooseberries) but that suited me OK: all summer long. Drink cold and fresh and on its own for the experience of sheer pleasure. The flavour profile is complex with wonderful crispness from highly integrated acidity. The long refreshing finish is incredibly moreish.

1x Zonin Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie Italy,Veneto (Tier 2, Old World)

Appealing straw-yellow colour with delicate reflections in which extremely fine and subtle tonalities of green are perceptible (watch out! pretentious drivel alert) Delicately fruity, relatively full and refined and it contains an ensemble of aromas of great finesse. (Good save: all true!) Remarkably soft and tends to be lightly dry yet extremely fresh. It also offers a delicious reminder of the original grape. Its light and elegant structure makes this an unusually refined and aristocratic wine. (that’s right)

Food Matching: Appetizers, delicate pasta and rice dishes, fish, eggs, vegetables and white meats.

Reviews and Scores: Vintage 2006, 86/100 , Wine Enthusiast , “A Best Buy”

1x Sella&Mosca La Cala DOC Italy, Sardinia (Tier 2, Old World) Bronze 2014

La Cala is a lovely white made from Vermentino grapes on the warm island of Sardinia. Italy has a plethora of indigenous (and little known) white grape varieties that are very suited to warmer climates. The resultant wines are similar to Sauvignon Blanc and make a good alternative.

It has an intriguing green hue and an intense and fresh complex nose that belies the light structure on the palate of marine saltiness and fruit bursts. A long soft finish commands attention. If ever a wine was meant to be married to seafood La Cala is it: always ably bringing out the best in a partner dish. Serve fairly COLD at 10°C!

This wine was awarded a score of 86/100 by Robert Parker in The Wine Advocate who described it as ‘The World’s Best Wine Under $25′. He noted:

“A classic Vermentino with its soaring, perfumed aromatics and crisp, clean fruit.” Robert Parker.

Quite a statement. (and it was also reported in the Best Italian Values in 2007).

February 2013: Out of season I have been drinking quite a few whites recently. I haven’t tucked into La Cala for a while and I was struck by quite how very dry it is, and for a 2009 vintage, it still has excellent acid. It paired beautifully with Pan Fried Bream yesterday. Then, I remembered that it was the most popular white at our Winter 2010 tasting event. Who said cold weather a whites don’t mix?

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