Wine Tasting Evening II Shanghai August 2011

August 26th 2011: 4:30-6:30 pm : No charge

The Monk Pub Jin Feng Lu, Min Hang District, Shanghai

The pub wanted to improve to its wine menu in order to broaden its customer base. But hey it was scheduled for 4:30pm due to time pressures. Who would even turn up? This second round was held with a different invited collection of locals mainly from the British International School of Shanghai. Seemed like the whole school turned up.

This time round we brought in 10 new wines picked from far corners of the world. I revamped the format to make it less formal.

  • gloves were off!
  • event was shorter…
  • glasses were fuller…
  • didn’t serve ‘blind’…

The Pub handed out VIP cards loaded with credit to the BISS teachers which was nice for them. We handed out glasses of easy drinking sparkly and quality yet affordable varietals.

The Wine Man a offered 5% discount to those who ordered a case on the night. We sold 15 cases of wine there and then.

As a result of the quantity of orders we were able to waive delivery fees! Cash on delivery was available. some paid in advance which helps keep prices lower. All were delivered ahead of schedule.

We were happy, our guests were happy and the Monk pub was happy.

We hope to see you at the next one.

The Wine Man

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