12 Sauvignons Blanc (Tier 1 & 2) 12 btls

12 Sauvignons Blanc (1st & 2nd Tier Wines)

Price: ¥1,425

A single varietal mixed case provides chardonnay grapes & wine sept 2012great comparison-tasting opportunities: 6 styles, half each from tier 1 & 2; 1 Old World and 5 from the New.

Sauvignon Blanc is perhaps the fashionable white grape (at present) alongside Pinot Grigio.

And with plantings of either much lower worldwide than for Chardonnay the quality tends to be higher at these price points.

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2x Fernway Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand (New World, Tier 2)

One of my very favourite white wines and certainly my favourite Sauvignon Blanc this year. This is our second top selling white wine now.It is a powerful expression of the Sauvignon Blanc grape for which New Zealand has now achieved legendary status. Marlborough is the epicentre of that revolution. The wine is pale straw in hue, with an impressive aromatic attack full of ripe asparagus and cucumber and melon.

Drink cold and fresh and on its own for the sheer experience of pleasure. The flavour profile is complex with wonderful crispness from highly integrated acidity. The long refreshing finish is incredibly moreish.

Some have commented that it beats NZ masters like Sacred Hill and Oyster Bay hands down. Praise indeed and less than half the price of the latter.

2x Miguel Torres Chile Santa Digna Sauvignon Blanc Chile, Curico (New World, Tier 2)

Light bright yellow colour. It shows intriguing notes of exotic fruit (passion fruit, grapefruit). A fresh, floral wine with a fruity body and a silky palate of great elegance.

Food Matching: An excellent complement to seafood, fish and rice dishes.

Reviews and Scores: Vintage 2008, 86/100 , Wine Spectator

2x Miguel Torres Chile San Medin Sauvignon Blanc Chile, Curico (New World, Tier 1)

This style is halfway between the NZ and the French. Light bright pale cream. A fresh, floral wine with a fruity body and a silken palate of great finesse. There are the trademark exotic fruits (passion fruit, grapefruit) and some minerality too.

Its silky palate is exquisitely intense, with a good acidic structure and a prolonged, joyous finish.

Food Matching: An excellent complement for shellfish, fish and seafood rice. Great also on its own.

2x Torres Emblema Sauvignon Blanc Chile, Centrual Valley (New World, Tier 1)

2012 Emblema white is now ‘flying of the shelves’. The #1 top selling white at LWwines. So glad I put faith in this wine after the initial flabbiness of the first available vintage (2008) to come onto the radar in late 2011 (actually, well past many a 2008 Sauvignon’s useful lifespan). The 2011 was the next vintage to be seen here, skipping 3 years, and it was an absolute godsend more than any other wine in our portfolio; well worth the wait. The improvements in quality are astounding. It is now outdoing the Cabernet from the same winery, in terms of year on year improvements, which is something special to behold.

Expect a strong fresh floral wine with an intriguing mix of exotic fruits (passion fruit, grapefruit). The full body is a silken palate and exquisitely intense, with a supportive acidic structure and a prolonged, strong finish. It’s less aromatic than a NZ, nearer to a French Sancerre. Better for a good chill.

Sept 2012: I just sank a bottle of the 2011 on my own sweet own, well chilled. An instant silent smile from this taster as we are able to uncover yet another quality wine at the entry level from the value-laden continent that is South America. Very moreish. Very fresh and very well priced. This will fly. (and it did!)

Sept 2012: Seen on sale for RMB115 a bottle on the Chinese w/site ‘yes my wine’; selling there usually, they claim, for RMB168. Interesting, as yes my wine has had plaudits in western media publications in SH.

July 2013: the 2012 is just perfect right now. It arrived initially in February 2013 (I guess there was still some 2011 hanging around). And what was it like?: So, so, well, Sancerre, actually. This is an amazingly well put together wine. Oodles of class and freshness with the best bang for buck savouriness and elegance yet from this winery. The vintage should hold this level of greatness for another 12 to 18 months. We are just so lucky to have this.

2x Hemisferio Sauvignon Blanc Chile, Central valley (New World, Tier 1)

A floral wine with an intriguing mix of exotic fruits (passion fruit, grapefruit). The full body is silken palate exquisitely intense, with a supportive acidic structure and a prolonged, strong finish.

Very popular at the moment as an individual wine, yet at a recent tasting it was deemed (for some who professed to exhibit a preference for assertive SB) described it as lacking strength and acidity. It is here because, for some, a lower acidity is an interesting option.

Also, interestingly, Fernway was deemed too much for some palates, when it too was blind tasted a year ago and that wine has legendary status now! Each to their own.

2x B.P. Rothschild Sauvignon Blanc France, Languedoc (Old World, Tier 2)

The only Old World wine here, This Southern French SB shows brilliant, very light yellow. The expressive nose reveals notes of white peach, citrus fruit and white blossom. Very complex, fresh and pleasant, it is typical of a southern Sauvignon.

The attack is supple, with a strongly mineral cast, leading into a fresh finish with lime and grapefruit flavours. The wine displays a fine balance between roundness and freshness.

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