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LWwines focus is on Wine: Estate bottled wines from around the globe. From New Zealand to Napa, China to Chile, Spain to South Africa, Austria to Australia and Argentina: even Italy, Germany & France! (who would have thought…). Truly global.

LWwines.com is a simple brochure site for those who want a little information to purchase nice, keenly priced wines: not a lock-in to a never ending sales pitch. No pop-ups. No ads. No flashing nonsense.

We supply the wines that 30 years of product knowledge tells us are the right wines, at the right prices: Free of bankrupt or out of date stock, counterfeits and dodgy deals. We let others occupy that murky world. We even talk about it. Many pundits fear to, in case it tarnishes the sheen of the industry. We believe that honesty (warts and all) is the only way to present the world of wine, because we care about the product and (by choice) the positive experiences of our clients. Wine Testimonials here.

If a wine’s quality drops (or we see too much upward price pressure), we note it, and we say so. We might even declassify them as ‘Wine Man Picks‘, or de-list them from our site and from our ‘long-list’. We can do that because we are independent: free from exclusive deals with any suppliers. That means, therefore, we are not compromised by the sales outcomes of any particular wine. Independence is a healthy ideal! That’s what we strive for.

And this site is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • PDF Long list of 782 wines & spirits.
  • Special offer mixed cases are found here.
  • Need Bordeaux Classed Growths? We now have 3 sources, to get you the best price.

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