Life's to short...If you would like to know more about well made, properly handled wines, offered at keen prices by an ethical wine lover, ported straight to your front door (with a cheery smile) through the increasingly heavy traffic (ain’t that a fact!), come inside this ‘brochure site’ for a glimpse of what we offer.

Our world renowned brands and smaller boutique products on this site are just the tip of the iceberg. See top left of this page for our long and shorter PDF lists (275+ or 500+ wines).

Man in a wine shopMostly clients scan our 2 PDF lists or our website (~200 wines) or our brochures (~100 wines) to pick for themselves. Some order by phone, some by sms; some by email, some at the site. Whatever they prefer… it’s fine. Some just buy when we have a sale; which we do regularly, and that’s fine too. Afterall, we put on sales when it suits us. Sorry. We are that honest. Anyway…

We find the wines that we like drinking ourselves; that offer the best value (and importantly- security of supply) and we choose to sell them. If they lose favour, we drop them.  Welcome aboard.

Quality seal

ETHICAL Trading: Purposely atypical, we set up the site to be counter-intuitive, when compared to the norm. It’s simple yet ethical (in a world often lacking both). We NEVER store any of your personal details. You have to input them each time you shop here. Why? Criminal hacking, con-men and identity theft are rampant. Data breaches are now commonplace, even among those businesses considered sound. We supply wine, not personal data. Your data cannot be accessed via us.

PAYMENT systems: Cash. Why? We’ve tried them all. The rest add costs for one thing. But also; credit cards (are vulnerable to fraud and expensive), debit cards (from local banks are rubbish and bureaucratic) & online payment platforms (are too expensive). Commonly, all except cash are fallible and made worse because of mounting privacy concerns and poor security counter-measures. Cash works. ♥  ♥  ♥

Free Glass Hire & Works Parties: If you need glasses for an event give us some notice, so we can reserve them for you. Remember that large orders for work events/parties may need some lead in time. Try not to leave it to the last minute… use the contact form if you like. ♥ ♥ ♥

Gold Decanter

We proudly noted that 125+ of our wines were awarded at the 2015 Decanter Wine Awards in London. That was a MASSIVE increase on 2013 (50 awards) & 2014 (91 awards). We are pleased to independently select these wines; which are then acknowledged & rewarded internationally for their high quality and excellent value.  In 2016, we were super EXCITED! Decanter Magazine 2016 awards demonstrated yet again that our wines are doing great: Decanter awarded 95 points to our Baron de Ley Rioja Reserva. We knew. That’s why we list it and promote it to our customers. But now its over to you. Find out for yourself which of our wines won big. No-one ever comments on it so we won’t do any more updates in this area. ♥  ♥  ♥

Does LWwines do DISCOUNTS?

‘Yes’. party-18-435x391

Monthly Discounted Mixed Case deals run throughout the year, providing great introductions, covering many purposes and are available to everyone at permanent discount as part of our commitment to be the best. These can be found here.

We rotate about 35 different cases over the year, keeping around half available while we freshen up the dormant ones. That means you may have to wait for your favourite mixes to become promotional items BUT: They’re Always Promotional Items, for everyone (even first timers!)    ♥   ♥

Wine Slae words only redFlash Sales (often for existing customers only) happen every 6 to 10 weeks. We just throw them out there at quieter times with little warning for 10 to 20% savings.     ♥  ♥  ♥

Monthly Wine Club automatically delivers a fixed case for those who like the ‘everyday wine’ choice to be done wine-club-standard-12by an expert. There are 2 fixed options and a newer exciting flexible option in which customers ask me to put together a list based on their guidance (some want a mixture of surprises and favourites): it’s what we call the 3rd way service and it’s a lot of fun. For all the Monthly Wine Club options, we set up repeating deliveries on specific dates.  ♥   ♥

New subscribers to our newsletter are instantly given a 7.5% discount voucher. Once you have purchased, you can access all our discounts.  I hope to welcome you to our ‘club’ and look forward to being of service to you.    ♥   ♥   ♥

Remember: Please mention us to your new friends & colleagues and if they join our happy club to become ‘at one’ with us, we’ll sneak a treat into your next order.     ♥   ♥

the NoQuarterSale

Wine Sale 4 bottles perspectiveThis periodic Sale cuts an unprecedented 25% off all private orders over ¥10,000 on a specially selected range of 250 wines, 3 times a year in June, October & February. On a total spend of ¥10,000 we’ll be giving you back ¥2500!

Purpose: We hope that our customers will view it as the perfect opportunity to restock very depleted cellars or perhaps join together with friends to organise events or simply share a big purchase to claim an unprecedented discount.

Method: This promotion will be open to everyone, packaginganywhere in SH, but you will need to apply to access this sale. Once we have accepted and processed you, you will be invited to choose from the list. Guidence will be given by me, The Wine Man, throughout that process.

Mention ‘NoQuarter Discount’ whenever we communicate (if you want the order to go through as a 25% sale) & we’ll sort out the discount once your order value clears the magic number. Please register your interest right now. ♥  ♥  ♥



tyrrell's-vat9-shiraz-104x350Our Portfolio is dynamic; ever changing. Some brands we’ve supplied for 6 years, others have a dash for a year or so before disappearing from SH. Some wines don’t get web pages of their own: Some don’t make it onto our PDF’s either, but we’ll stock such wines for those who ask or who like to go off the beaten track. Either way, we have always had access to at least 800 wine brands, not only from the traditional heartlands of France, Italy, Spain & Germany, but also from Napa to New Zealand, Chile to China, South Africa to Austria & Australia & Argentina.

Our 2 PDF Long lists cover everything from Opus 1 to Oyster Bay to Ornallaia: The full list is only at the top of this home page; the shorter  list can be found on every page. Our (way shorter) PDF has 275+ entries.


Our 8x long format Taste Tests Reports published throughout 2014 and 2015 in the Wine News section of The GrapevineWine blending, looked at numerous wines each time: some we sold and some we didn’t. Independent critique showed we are not invested in the sales outcomes of any of the wines we sell. Here are some previous Taste Test examples. ♥  ♥

The Grapevine

thumb happy broadcaterInformative, thought provoking & sometimes challenging news, opinion & articles are laced with pragmatism, irony, hope, rage, laconic wit, narcissism, a regular dose of self-parody & humble pie (we wish…ahem). 4 main sections:

  1. Whines & Gripes (self-indulgent, SH wine business rants, oozing irony, sometimes irrational, always from the heart)tiny gripe man
  2. Wineducation (new & traditional advice / insights tinged with an off-key, rare, perspective)
  3. News (trending, contemporary wine news, local & otherwise)
  4. WineSleuth (investigations into experiences or news: Sherlock silhouette thumbsometimes evolving further into a well judged gripe, or, with luck, a balanced educational post)  ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

The Wine Man in Shanghai

December 2017